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Founded in 2014 by textile designer Stefanie Mittmann, Inlace Jewelry is a Berlin based brand focused on hand-crafted jewelry made out of bobbin lace.


Having developed the handmade collection LACE ME, made from delicate lace variations, the new collection focuses on rolled on precious metals.

Strict basic forms like half circles or squares receive, through the each and every time specially crafted delicate patterns and the milling, a fascinating elegant effect. By that, unique jewelry is created – piece by piece.

Whether small and subtle or deliberately to catch the eye – Stefanie Mittmanns gold, rose gold, silver or anthracite jewels combine extravagance and simplicity in their very own way.

Stefanie Mittmann finished her studies of textile design in 2014 and ventured with her final project LACE ME to start her own brand. With her label Inlace Jewelry she interprets the complex and traditional craft of bobbin lace, whilst providing unique items at affordable prices.


Rolled[on] AW15/16
Photography: Delia Baum
Hair & Make up: Maria Messner
Model: Sandra Schild