NeckLace is the newest collection introduced by jewelry designer Stefanie Mittmann in spring 2018.

Given her ideas first physical manifestation in LACE ME, featuring delicate necklaces made out of colorful pillow-laced thread, she then evolved her design by rolling bobbin lace inspired patterns on precious metals for Rolled [on]. Her third collection EDIT introduces us to filigree silver chains which seem to expand their bobbin lace inspiration by becoming delicate pieces exuding an air of sophistication. In neckLace she now lets elegant earrings dangle frailly from ears, necklaces rest gracefully on decolletages and bracelets play enchantingly on wrists.

Available in a tinted dark metal optic, traditional gold and classic silver Stefanie’s pieces are age- and timeless. Every piece is handmade and can be customized according to your particular wishes.

Stefanie Mittmann graduated in textile and surface design in Berlin four years ago. Her unique style of jewelry design has emerged by exploring the traditional artisan crafts work of lace-making and silversmiths and taking it further to the beautiful and exceptional jewelry design we see today.

Model: Anna von Rueden
Photography: Andre Wunstorf
Hair and Make up: Ines Schult
Styling: Michael Hastreiter